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Microbiology & Immunology

Life on earth began with microorganisms and depends on their numerous activities which are mostly beneficial but sometimes disastrous. The human immune system has evolved to control harmful microbes but can itself inflict damage on its host.

This major will examine and integrate Microbiology, the study of microorganisms with Immunology. Skills developed include the ability to acquire, analyse and apply information from multiple sources, including the laboratory.

The major opens up careers in:

  • diagnostics
  • forensic microbiology
  • vaccine development
  • molecular biology
  • biotechnology
  • regulation

As well as further research into:

  • a range of infectious diseases
  • the genetics and pathogenesis of the causative agent
  • the various outcomes of the immune system in a setting of infection
  • autoimmunity
  • cancer

It provides a basis for further study into medicine and other paramedical disciplines.

Full details in the handbook

Dr Karena Waller
Department of Microbiology and Immunology