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Cell & Developmental Biology

The Cell and Developmental Biology major provides students with a broad understanding of the structure and functions of cells and the genetic, molecular and cellular basis of development in a range of organisms and experimental models.

Taught by experts in several disciplines, it will specifically provide understanding of methodologies used in cell and developmental biology research and how this knowledge can be applied as technologies to improve the human condition.

Dramatic advances in this field have shed light on numerous disorders in plants and animals and provided technologies to solve significant problems but also raised ethical issues for society (such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF), birth control, stem cell technology, reproductive/therapeutic cloning and genetically manipulated foods/crops).

Graduates emerging from this major will gain an awareness of how research in this field impacts on society in addition to a broad array of generic and specialist skills to equip them for a range of career paths:

  • research / diagnostic laboratories
  • biotechnology
  • government agencies
  • agriculture
  • medico-legal
  • journalism

Full details in the handbook

Dr Robb De Iongh
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology