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Course structure

The Bachelor of Biomedicine requires completion of a total of 300 points of study over three years full time, usually comprising four subjects per semester. Alternatively, the course can be completed in six or seven years part time.

The core of the degree builds understanding of the structure and function of the body and consideration of the determinants of health and disease, including genetic and environmental influences. The integrated core program culminates in final year subjects that deal with contemporary issues in biomedicine and aspects of medical conditions from the molecular and cellular, right up to the population level.

Depth within a particular biomedical discipline is achieved by completing 50 points (4 subjects) in a major at 3rd year level.

In second year students are required to complete two selective subjects, which can be taken from the Bachelor of Science (provided pre-requisites are met).

Students also take 75 points (one quarter of the degree) from other discipline areas. These breadth subjects are designed to bridge disciplines, sharpening skills of logic, analysis and multidisciplinary problem solving.

Course Plan

Students must complete 300 credit points over three year full time or six or seven years part time. These comprise of:

Core subjects (150 credit points):

  • 75 credit points (six subjects) at the first year level.
  • 50 credit points (two subjects with each subject worth 25 credit points) at the second year level.
  • 25 credit points (two subjects) at the third year level.

Selective subjects (25 credit points):

  • 25 credit points (two subjects) at second year level (may be first year level if guidelines are met) from a selective list.

One Major sequence in the third year (50 credit points):

  • 50 credit points (four subjects) of Major builds on the selective chosen in the second year level.

Breadth subjects (75 credit points):

From Semester 1 2011, the breadth rules will be as follows:

  • Up to 75 points (25% - six subjects) of a New Generation degree can consist of breadth studies.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 50 points (four subjects) of breadth study, the remaining 25 points can be taken from either breadth or core studies**.
  • Students can complete a maximum of 37.5 points of breadth study at level 1.

** Choice of how to use the 'free' 25 points should be unrestrained. Students should be permitted to use this component how they choose.

View the Handbook for further details on subject options.